Appendix 3

Identification of Fictional Characters

Acestes A prince famed for his lavish entertainments of Aeneas
Achemenes Oriana’s father and King of Persia
Admetus Artabella’s attendant
Adrastus Cydarius’ friend, who aids in Clazomena’s rescue
Alcander King of Delphos, who loves and marries Artabella
Alsinda Princess and widow, Merinza’s mother whom Arthenia visits in Palermo
Amarantha Arthenia’s cousin
Ambracia Ianthe’s attendant
Amena A lady from Queen Ermillia’s court
Anaxiles Beltizera’s brother and Alcander’s cousin
Ardelia Loreto’s kinswoman and Dionella’s daughter
Ariobarzarnes King of Armenia
Arnardo Arthenia’s uncle by marriage to Marione
Artabella Menzor’s daughter and Oriana’s royal cousin, later Queen of Delphos and mother to Queen Ermillia
Artelinda Issodorus’ deceased wife
Arthenia Narrator of the history and battles of the English Civil War, described initially as Mellidorus or “fair unknown” when washed ashore in Delphos
Astianax Commander of Persian troops under Diomed (Prince Lucius)
Balario Issodorus’s close friend
Barsarnes Friend to Diomed and lieutenant general of Persian troops
Belissa Loreto’s wife
Bellamira Blesarius’s daughter, resident with Perisana
Beltizera Alcander’s royal cousin and daughter of Prince Cleophantus
Blesarius Persides’s kinsman and Bellamira’s father
Boetius Issodorus’s uncle and Princess Victorina’s husband
Brecena Arthenia’s mother
Celestina Claromenes’s wife and Queen of Sicily (England); see Appendix 2
Celia Queen Ermillia’s attendant and narrator of Artabella’s story
Claromenes King of Sicily (King Charles II of England, Scotland, and Ireland); see Appendix 2
Clazomena Daughter of Scythian King Oruntus and love interest of Cydarius
Crisalda Loreto’s mother and Duchess of Verona
Criton Old man who offers Diomed refuge in his cottage
Cydarius Scythian general who loves Princess Clazomena, later King of Scythia
Delizia Alcander’s sister and Princess of Delphos
Diomed Love interest of Oriana, friend of Phasellus, the assumed name of Prince Lucius Octavius, grandson of Augustus Caesar and heir to the Roman throne
Dionella Loreto’s kinswoman
Diophantus Friend of Arthenia’s brother, Melliantes
Doristus Gentleman present at Persides’ house who agrees with Philotheta that requited love destroys a lover’s desire, cf. Philotheta
Drepanum, Duke of Deceased and wealthy father of Valeria and Euridice (Electra)
Electra Possibly a mistake for Euridice
Elesena Perisana’s daughter who marries Herminio
Elusina Cilician princess
Ermillia/Ermilia Artabella’s daughter and Queen of Delphos
Ethrea Marione’s maid
Eudora Artabella’s deceased mother
Eugenia Sister of Arthenia’s mother who lives outside of Palermo
Eumetes Serastes’s brother
Euridice Daughter and heir of Victorina and deceased Prince of Drepanum, a recommended love interest for Issodorus
Felinus, Duke of See Gracianus below
Felisarda Celia’s maid
Ferintus Alcander’s servant who later marries Saparilla, Artabella’s attendant
Filoret Issodorus’s servant
Flaminius Chief priest at Delphos
Flavianus Loreto’s father and Crisalda’s husband
Gentillus Thracian ambassador to Delphos
Gracianus Merinza’s father and Duke of Felinus
Herminio Elesena’s husband
Hermis Loreto’s attendant
Hersilia Clazomena’s attendant
Hestrina Arthenia’s aunt and wife to Therasmenas, who hosts Arthenia in Palermo
Ianthe Arthenia’s close friend who is buried on the island of Rhene
Iros Diomed’s keeper in the Scythian prison
Irvinus Merinza’s husband
Issodates Belissa’s father
Issodorus Arthenia’s love interest in Part 2, son of Perisana and Persides, Elesena’s brother, younger brother of Theander
Julia/Juliana Sister to Diomed (Prince Lucius)
Julius Antonius Grandson of Marc Antony, assumes the name Phasellus
Leonora Loreto’s wealthy aunt to whom he is heir
Loreto Arthenia’s suitor and the Duchess of Verona’s youngest son, cavalier supporter of Clearchus (Charles I)
Lucaria Parthian princess
Lucius Octavius Grandson and heir of Augustus Caesar, assumes the name Diomed
Madona Wealthy elderly woman wooed by Loreto
Marcellus Julia’s deceased husband
Marione/Marionie Sister of Arthenia’s mother Brecena
Medicius Scythian physician to Clazomena
Melissa Theano’s daughter and Bellamira’s cousin
Melliantes Arthenia’s brother who lives in Palermo
Mellidorus Assumed name of Arthenia after she washes up on Delphos in masculine disguise
Menzor Artabella’s father and brother to Achemenes, King of Persia
Merinda Bellamira’s cousin and Theano’s daughter
Merinza Arthenia’s childhood friend and daughter to Gracianus, Duke of Felinus
Mettella Neighbor of Therasmus and Hestrina with whom Arthenia stays in Palermo
Mexaris Narrator in Part 2, Diomed’s servant, who reveals to Artabella what has transpired since she left Persia
Mironides Arthenia’s father
Mizalinda Perisana’s deceased daughter, whom Arthenia resembles
Nearchus Beltizera’s brother and Alcander’s cousin
Octimasdes Oriana’s rejected suitor and King of Scythia
Orestaign/Orestan, Prince of James Butler, 1st Duke of Ormonde and Lord Lieutenant of Sardinia (Ireland) in 1661–1669 and 1677–1685; see also Appendix 2
Oriana Artabella’s cousin and daughter and heir of King Achemenes, succeeds her father as Queen of Persia, Diomed’s love interest
Orithia Thracian princess
Orosmades Scythian god
Orsodates Son of Artabella and King Alcander of Delphos, Queen Ermilia’s brother, successor to Queen Oriana
Oruntus Clazomena’s father and King of Scythia
Otanes Diomed’s jailor and Ozmin’s brother
Ozmin Artabella’s kidnapper on Phasellus’s orders and Otanes’s brother
Perisana/Perizana/Perinissa Persides’s wife
Persides Perisana’s husband
Phasellus Diomed’s friend, suitor to Artabella, tricks Queen Oriana into marriage, grandson of Marc Antony, assumed name of  Julius Antonius
Phileno Clazomena’s attendant who aids in rescuing Diomed
Philotheta Lady present at Persides’s house and proponent of the view that requiting love destroys a lover’s desire, cf. Doristus
Piramena Sister of King Tyribasus of Armenia
Praxaspes Persian Prince who envies Diomed’s leadership
Procentia/Praxentia Queen Ermillia’s attendant
Reallus /Riallo Bellamira’s brother
Rosanor Gentleman accompanying Loreto
Saparilla Artabella’s attendant
Serastes Master of ship who rescues Artabella
Serena Mother of Arthenia’s suitor, Silisdes
Sillindra Woman who is to marry Arthenia’s brother Melliantes
Silisdes Arthenia’s wooer and Serena’s son
Tellimur/Tellamour Arthenia’s cousin in Palermo
Tellinus, Duke of Arthenia resides in his house in Book 7 of Part 1
Tereus Mexaris’s friend, Theocrite’s brother
Theander Son of Perisana and Persides, older brother of Issodorus
Theano Bellamira’s uncle
Theocrite Preferred attendant of Oriana
Therasmus/Therasmenas Arthenia’s uncle and host in Palermo, Hestrina’s husband
Tygranes/Tigranes King of Media
Timandra Cappadocian princess
Valeria Daughter (with Euridice/Electra) and heir to deceased Prince of Drepanum and Princess Victorina
Verania Median princess, daughter of King Tygranes
Victorina Widow of Prince of Drepanum, now married to Boetius.
Vindecia Gentillus’s wife


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