Appendix 2

Fictional Names of Historical Figures and Places

Historical Figures and Places

Argelus Archibald Campbell, 1st Marquess of Argyll (1607–1661)
Bilindus William Baillie (d. 1653), Commander of Scottish troops at the Battle of Kilsyth
Bonario Sir Richard Browne, Lord Mayor of London, in 1660
Celestina Catherine of Braganza (1638–1705), wife of Charles II
Claromenes Charles II (1630–1685), King of England, Scotland, and Ireland
Clearchus Charles I (1600–1649), King of England, Scotland, and Ireland
Cratander Lord Arthur Capell (1604–1649)
Diocles Robert Devereux, 3rd Earl of Essex (1591–1646), Commander of Parliamentary troops
Diophantes David Leslie, 1st Lord Newark (1601–82)
Eluzeria Princess Elizabeth, daughter of Charles I (1635–1650)
Ericina Elizabeth I (1533–1603), Queen of England and Ireland
Faragenes 1) Ferdinando Fairfax, 2nd Lord Fairfax of Cameron, General of the Parliamentary forces on 21 January 1645; 2) His son Sir Thomas Fairfax, 3rd Lord Fairfax of Cameron (1612–1671) also served as Commander of the Parliamentary forces. Bridget Manningham conflates the son and father.
Gerandus George Goring, 1st Earl of Norwich (1585–1663); Goring’s son also served as a prominent Royalist general.
Gonsalvo Possibly a fictional character or Colonel George Gunter of Racton, Sussex
Herelius Henry VIII (1491–1547), King of England and Ireland
Herenia Queen Henrietta Maria (1609–1669), wife of King Charles I; Princess Henrietta (1644–1670), the youngest daughter of Charles I and named after her mother
Hortensius Lord Ralph Hopton, Baron Hopton (1596–1652)
Hyperion Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, son of King Charles I (1640–1660)
Ileana Jane Lane of Bentley Hall, who received a pension from Charles II
Ismenas King James I of England and VI of Scotland (1566–1625)
Issomantes Prince James, later King James II (1633–1701)
Istander Jacob Astley, 1st Baron Astley of Reading (1579–1652)
Ithagenes Sir John Hotham (1589–1645)
Leonishus Possibly a fictional character or Thomas Whitgreave (fl.1651) of Moseley Hall, Staffordshire
Leonitus Commander Rowland Laugharne (1607–1675) participated on the Royalist side in the Battle of St. Fagans, sentenced to death but reprieved after lots were drawn
Lysander Robert Bertie, 1st Earl of Lindsey (1582–1642), leader of the Royalist forces at the Battle of Edgehill
Macaria Anne (Villiers) Douglas (1610–54), later Countess of Morton. Known as Lady Dalkieth after her marriage to Robert Douglas, Lord Dalkeith and later Earl of Morton; godmother and later governess to Princess Henrietta, the daughter of Charles I
Mallinor Cardinal Jules Mazarin, Duke of Rethel, Mayenne, and Nevers (1602–1661)
Mardonius James Graham, 1st Marquess of Montrose (1610–1688)
Marina Mary Stuart, Princess of Orange (1631–1660)
Meltiades George Monck, General of both Royalist and Parliamentary armies. Charles II raised Monck to the peerage in 1660 as 1st Duke of Albemarle (1608–1670). Bridget Manningham names him Meltiades after Militades, the Athenian general and stateman who led the victory of Athens over Persia at the Battle of Marathon
Merobates James Hamilton, 1st Duke of Hamilton (1606–1649)
Orestagne, Prince of James Butler, 1st Duke of Ormonde (1610–1688). Known as the Earl of Ormonde (1634–42), Marquess of Ormonde (1642–1661)
Ormisdas Oliver Cromwell (1599–1658), Parliamentary General and Lord Protector of England (1653–1658)
Philarchus Henry Wilmot, 1st Earl of Rochester (1613–1658)
Placius William or Richard Penderel; see also Silvius below (fl. 1651).
Policilus Colonel Rice Powell was condemned to death after the Battle of St. Fagans but reprieved after lots were drawn
Pollidor Colonel John Poyer (d.1649) participated on the Royalist side at the Battle of St. Fagans and was executed after lots were drawn
Rizander Rupert, Prince and Count Palatine of the Rhine and Duke of Cumberland (1619–1682)
Silvius William or Richard Penderel; see also Placius above (fl. 1651).
Stertorius James Stanley, 7th Earl of Derby (1607–1651)
Theodates Governor of Oxford in 1646



Aeolian Islands Scilly Isles or Wales
Agrigentum a city near Maidstone (Enna); Manningham family home was in East Malling, near Maidstone. See Illustration 6
Bastia Edinburgh
Calaris Dublin
Catana Naseby
Celtiberia Holland
Corsica Scotland
Drepanum Gloucester
Enna Maidstone
Erix Exeter
Felinus Abingdon
Iberia Spain
Lipara Isle of Wight
Mazara Oxford
Messina York
Milase Hull
Mona Yorkshire
Naples France
Nicosia Nottingham
Nota Kent or Wales
Palermo London


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