Matthieu Chapman and Anna Wainwright

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This volume began as a roundtable, “Teaching Race in the Renaissance” at the 2018 Renaissance Society of America Annual Conference in New Orleans. We are grateful to the participants of that roundtable, Dennis Britton, Amrita Dhar, Jeanette Fregulia, Roya Biggie, Dennis Looney, and Miles Parks Grier, as well as to Alison Frazier, who helped to organize the panel. Thanks also to Ian Smith, who offered his strong support despite being prevented from chairing the panel due to inclement weather, and to Jyotsna Singh, who stepped up in his place. We are also grateful to Dennis Britton for talking through the structure of the volume at an early point, and his encouragement throughout the process.

Heartfelt thanks to Virginia Cox and Janet Smarr for reading our initial proposal for the volume, their astute comments, and their continued mentorship of our work. Matt would like to thank Julia Schleck, Miles Parks Grier, Joshua Kelly (who also contributed to this volume), and Bernadette Andrea for offering their guidance and feedback on both the ideas contained within and finding this book a home. Anna would like to thank Bernadette Andrea, Amy Boylan, Jessica Goethals, Shannon McHugh and Melissa Swain for their thoughtful suggestions for the Italian portion of this book, and Elissa Weaver, Suzanne Magnanini, and Emily Wilbourne for early conversations on early modern Italy and race.

Funding for this volume was generously provided by our universities. At the University of New Hampshire, we would like to thank the Center for the Humanities, the Italian Studies Quasi-endowment, and the College of Liberal Arts. At SUNY-New Paltz, we thank the School of Fine and Performing Arts.

We are grateful to have found a home for this volume at ACMRS Press, and we would like to thank Ayanna Thompson for including us in the Press’ broader publishing initiative. Thanks also to Roy Rukkila and Geoffrey Way for their steady, expert hands.

Finally, we would like to thank our wonderful contributors for your chapters, your patience, and your perseverance. We are so lucky to have [xxviii] gone through this journey with you, and we thank you for remaining committed to this project throughout the difficult first years of the Covid-19 pandemic. Students and instructors alike are now fortunate to have your scholarship in their hands and their classrooms.


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